About Us

    •      We present you a hotel, which takes pride in  tradition and antiquity. The age of the building which carried original name "The Pillar House", dates back to 1820. Building was reconstructed and re-named to "Hotel Džbán" in 1950 and all the equipment inside the restaurant and the dining room is original.

    • You can feel the atmosphere of the eighties
      The atmosphere at The Hotel Džbán will remind you unforgettable memories of the end of the last century. Hotel facilities had been adapted to fit into the retro style of the eighties.      Helpful staff, good food with large portions and especially the dancing evenings on which we mainly play songs from the seventies to the nineties, will return you back to the past years.
    •     We are not five starts luxury hotel
          Lovers of luxury and modern the technical equipment, expecting a behavior model by the Karlovy Vary or in other known modern spa center, will be visiting Karlova Studánka obviously disappointed. There are NOT casinos, clubs, red light houses and luxury furnished hotels here. But lovers of peace, comfort, nostalgia and mainly romance instantly fall in love with this place. And if it is still not satisfactory enough, so they certainly make up for omnipresent magical nature full of forests, game, mushrooms and blueberries.

      Leave your mobiles and computers rather at home. Relax!
          Hotel capacity is 70 beds and consists of two, three and four-bed rooms and one apartment for five persons. The rooms are located on the first floor and second floor. Second floor is located in a newly built loft with beautiful views of the surrounding forests. All rooms are equipped with shower, WC and unfortunately TV, with several television programs. The inclusion of TVs in rooms, we stubbornly resisted for years, but unfortunately we have succumbed to the pressure of clients who are addicted to watching TV. Likewise, we had to establish an Internet access. Today, visitors have the option to connect to wifi internet. Other facilities at the hotel, reminiscent of the period of twenty years and more, we have kept in pristine condition.
    • You will be definitely NOT bored with us
           Hotel DŽBÁN has a rather well-equipped gym. Pleasant is also a relaxing stay in the hotel sauna with a capacity for six people with the services of a masseur. A relaxing evening then also you can spend playing darts, ludo, cards or poker. Or just read a few books from the library, which contains mainly titles now forgotten authors while sipping on delicious wine from the cellars of Lechovice.

    • At the reception you can buy souvenirs, drugstore needs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and other goods.

    •  The hotel's restaurant with summer terrace is a popular attraction for tourists (located just a few meters from the ancient church and less than ten meters away from the forest), which serves special beers from breweries Cerna Hora - honey beer, blueberry beer and wheat beer.

    • Karlova Studánka is a paradise for athletes
            In the vicinity of Karlova Studánka are many hiking and biking trails. They are beautiful hikes on nearby peaks Jeseníky Mountains. For example, on Praděd mountain 1,492 meters above sea level. Guests of the hotel can make use of three tennis courts with artificial turf, football court and volleyball court which is transformed into a winter ice-skating rink, gym, spa, ski slope with chairlift (all distance from the hotel approx. 200 meters) or indoor pool with heated thermal water and hot tubs, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Parking for hotel guests is served at the hotel and free.

      Thirteen-meter ice cones next to the hotel 
    •   An interesting natural phenomenon and a popular tourist attraction is a mineral spring, about 20 meters from the hotel, which in the summer spews water to a height of 14 meters and then freezes in winter and becomes a wonderful ice cones, reaching up to 13 meters. Often it becomes a paradise for climbers. Remarkable is also a wooden arbor standing nearby. In the arbor are springs with natural drinking, heavily mineralized water with therapeutic effects.
      Tasty food will enhance your the mood
      Our restaurant is for visitors one of the popular places in Karlova Studánka. Guests can taste traditional Czech cuisine, but also authentic Italian specialties and pizza from the oven. There is a friendly atmosphere, complemented by excellent food and drink. Our hotel's wine collection is complemented by the Wine-cellars Lechovice (multiple winner of numerous awards' Wine of the Year ").
        The restaurant also offer all the key gastronomic events in the form of banquets, gala dinners, weddings etc..

    • Therefore it is quite natural, that our guests very often returns to Hotel & Restaurant DŽBÁN.